If it has become clear to you that you cannot happily stay in your marriage, you will have to figure out what route you are going to take moving forward.

Many divorcing couples, simply come to a point that they are exhausted with fighting with their husband or wife.  The marriage just isn’t a way to live any longer.

Iconic speaker, Tony Robins, once said of divorce: “When people’s values and life directions are extremely different they must compromise.  Continuous compromise means a compromised life for both parties.”


harris county divorce price search

When you’ve realized that you are not going to stay married, naturally, you will start searching for your options.  One of the most urgent questions you may have is simply– can you afford to get a divorce?

harris county divorce price search

And, when you do a Google search, the only common information you will stumble upon as to Harris county divorce prices will not be from Lawyers or Law Firms, but from what we call “form companies”

Harris County Divorce cost

The divorce prices you will see there will range from $149-$299.  However, these prices are not the actual cost of divorce because the filing fees of $300 are not included.

What’s more, when you read the fine print, you will realize that the $149 “divorce” does not actually get you divorced.   Read more about divorce form scams here.

So, at this point, if you don’t get tricked by a divorce form service to pay $149, you may start calling some law firms, to ask for prices.  But, most law firms will want you to come into the office and talk to a lawyer.  The lawyer will want to get a sense of what your case is about, so that you can be given a quote.



waiting for divorce quote in Texas

When you do get the quote for your divorce, in Houston, it will most likely range from $2,500-$4,000 (just an estimate) to start.  This will be a down payment called a “retainer”.  The lawyer will charge the retainer $200-$500 (just an estimate) per hour.  Once the lawyer has worked more hours that the retainer payment covers, you will get an invoice.

That is how traditional payments for divorces are set up.



cost of divorce

We at Connor & Connor think that this entire process of hunting for divorce prices falls short of what people need and/or want.  For that reason, we post our divorce service prices on our website.

In sum, we have flat fee divorce packages for small-medium estates ranging from $1,300-$2000.  For people with complex estate divisions, we offer $2,500 retainer services.  See details for starting case here.


cook & cook lawyer divorce retainer

Our divorce filing and settlement process is done all online.  The day that you are divorced, you (not your spouse) but just you, will need to meet us in court for your final hearing.  Form companies like to leave this detail out, when trying to sell their “completed online divorce”.  Unless we have a hearing, you will not be divorced in Texas, so don’t let anyone trick you into thinking a form company can divorce you all online.


online divorce

However, importantly, the Connor & Connor divorce model is only suitable to people who are able to agree that they want to be divorced, and also can agree on how to divide parental duties/rights and divide assets and debts.


agreeing to cheap divorce

Often after couples have explored the options to become divorced, they fall into the hands of Law Firms that stand to benefit the longer the case lasts, and the heavier the fight is between the couple.

Connor & Connor built its website on the part as friends domain name because it really seeks to stand apart.  We do not try to ignite fights between divorcing couples, already enduring the stress of a hard marriage.

filing for uncontested divorce

Because we only focus on agreed divorce, we have a 92% success rate that the divorce will end in just that– an agreement.

divorce agreements save money

Unlike bogus form companies, we actually get you divorced, by taking the necessary steps to do so.  First, we evaluate your information and make sure to file it in the proper jurisdiction, to help ensure the case is granted.

divorce legal fees

Then we file the case, and pay your filing fees, within 1 business day of being hired.

harris county filing fees

We gather all of the details that are needed about your divorce agreements.

divorce lawyer information gathering

We spend time talking to you, about the process as we go for as much time as you need.

attorney telephone expense harris county

We draft your documents, and revise them as we further understand how you and your spouse need everything done, moving into the future.

cost of drafint final decree of divorce

Your divorce agreement is tailored to your needs from pet provisions to house title awards, we build the decree based on what you and your spouse agree to do.

cost of attorney agreement in Harris

We schedule your court hearing, and send you instructions on court rules, dress code, what to bring, and where to meet your Connor & Connor lawyer.

schedule divorce lawyer

We meet you in court, and get you divorced.

divorce granted

Moving into the future, because you parted as friends, all of the memories you built with your ex can still be cherished, in their own way.

Long after your divorce is over, your properly executed and well-written divorce decree can protect assets that you’ve now saved, and from debts that you did not incur.  Your divorce, albeit affordable, was done well.


If you want the best price and best way to be divorced, you should see if you can just part as friends.  Call today: Houston: 1-866-448-1982.  Or, file for divorce now.