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What is a Contested Divorce in San Antonio, Texas?

It is the most common type of divorce there is, where the parties both want to have lawyers assist them through their divorce case.  It is the type of divorce where you may agree on some things, but you do not agree on other things, and you need legal guidance and representation.

Checklist of Common Things People Fight Over in Divorce in San Antonio

(Do Any of These Apply To You?)

  • Who should keep the house?
  • Should the house be sold?
  • Do the kids have to stay in one geographic location to be raised?
  • Which parent will have “primary custody”
  • Which parent will pay child support?
  • How much child support?
  • Who has to pay off the credit card debt?
  • Who gets to keep the retirement accounts, or how much of each retirement account will be split?
  • Do we need lawyers?
  • Who gets what in the divorce, in light of the affair?

Does Connor & Connor Offer Contested Divorce Services?

Yes.  In fact, we can be hired for our contested divorce services online here, and you can see our pricing schedule here.  Connor & Connor is highly rated on Google Business for its contested divorce services.  We are honored to help you.

Are All Contested Divorce Services Pretty Much the Same No Matter Where You Go?

No way!  Lawyers often have practices that do not involve very much divorce law, but they can still advertise to get divorce clients.  The more the lawyer practices, the more experience they have navigating the technical waters of divorce law in Bexar County.  Also, each lawyer approaches their practice with their own unique take on what is best, which can vastly impact your case outcome.  It is important to research your law firm before hiring.

How Do I Get Started With Contested Divorce Services?

The most common thing people do is call us for a complimentary telephone consultation.  (210) 686-7622.  We will be very honest with you.  We will listen briefly to your situation and will tell you if we  think we can help and if we are a right fit for you.   At times, we become totally booked and have to decline work, and we will let you know about our availability as well.

Can I Meet With My Connor & Connor Lawyer Before Hiring the Firm?

Yes, we charge $150 for a 30 minute in person consultation.  Our coordinator can set you up with the in office visit.  You can email her directly at [email protected].

What If Me and My Spouse Are Not Going to
“Part as Friends”

Our philosophy of parting couples as “friends” is there to help you— help you save your money, and help you save your time.  If your first effort is to try to settle things fairly and that falls through, then we are ready to fight.  We have a team of extremely smart lawyers that you hire to assist you through this crisis when you hire Connor & Connor.

How Long Will My Contested Divorce Case Take?

The fastest legal time is 60 days.  The average time is 3-7 months from start to finish.  Some cases take longer than a year because of the complexity of the divorce issues at hand.


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