Prices For Divorce in Comal County

When it has become clear that you are going to get divorced, one of the first questions you may have is “what will this cost me?”  Because, we understand that is top of mind, rather than hiding the “ball” from you, let’s just plainly discuss legal fees in a Comal County Divorce.

We called 8 Law Firms for Divorce Quotes in Comal County

Having called 8 places, we only spoke with 3 places that would offer prices over the phone. The prices ranged from $2,000-$2,500 for uncontested divorces.  Uncontested divorces are cases where both parties agree to be divorced and will sign off on the terms of divorce without needing court orders of intervention on doing so. All of the quotes we received were hourly rate quotes.  This means you pay a retainer, and then you pay by the hour when your retainer runs out.

Our Prices

Because we advocate for a “part as friends” type divorce, our prices are fixed fee for uncontested divorces.  This means we don’t bill our uncontested divorces by the hour, which means that our prices are predictable for our clients in agreed divorce situations.  You can read about our divorce lawyer prices in comal county on this page of our website.  At this page, you will see that the simplest uncontested divorce starts at $1,895.  We also provide our prices for contested divorces in Comal County here.


 Comal County Divorce Filing Fees

You can read about the current government filing fees for comal county divorce here. The filing fee in a comal county divorce as of September 2017 is $318.00.


comal county divorce prices

What Do Divorces Cost Here?

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