Our entire business is aimed at accomplishing a faster, better divorce for non-enemy spouses, who are parting ways as friends.

You will not find more responsive Texas family lawyers for your case than ours.  We listen, we respond, we return calls and emails.  Period.

If you are wanting to part ways without battles and drawn out hearings, we are designed for you.  We are online because that is where convenience is.

When you get divorced with us, your divorce terms are not just template language.  Your parenting plan, or property division is tailored to your exact divorce needs.  This is a smart divorce service for people who are parting ways as friends. 

Our divorce lawyers are trained entirely to help you with your agreed divorce case, quickly online or telephonically and always in a friendly manner.

Anyone can advertise divorce, but is the company actually set up for you to part as friends conveniently and professionally? We are.

Cook & CookMany Other Places
We File the divorce within 1 business day of contract receiptYes?
Divorce done in 61 days*Yes?
Law Firm Devoted to Agreements For DivorceYes?
File delivered in .doc Format to Client, to Use if Case is Not AgreedYes?
If You Cannot Attend Court For Accepted Reason, We Will Motion Court To Waive Hearing**Yes?
Weekly Case UpdatesYes?
Draftsmen Attorney and Reviewing Attorney for Each Case*Yes?
More than 10, Verified 5 Star Reviews on GoogleYes?
Prices Listed on Website for Your ConvenienceYes?
Up to 6 Hours of Client Support, at no added charge*Yes?

*Timeline requires full cooperation from both spouses, and does not apply to default divorce cases, where a spouse is missing.

**We cannot guarantee that a court will accept our motion to waive your hearing.

***If case is extremely simple estate, a reviewing attorney will not be used, and only a drafting attorney will handle case.

****This 6 hours can include phone time to explain divorce law, or back and forth to revise your decree as you need, or just plainly explaining the divorce process to you.  You would be surprised how much support you might want, as you go through your divorce, and we are here to help.