The Convenience of Being Online, With the Protection of Having a Lawyer

Remember, forms don't get you divorced, lawyers do.

There are boatloads of divorce options out there.  We feel that we are the best option in Texas for busy people that need to save time and have an easy experience getting divorced.

  • We do flat fee divorces, and our prices are right on our website
  • If you have a special agreement with your spouse, we will turn it into a legal contract, which is entirely and indefinitely enforceable as a contract for you (pet agreements, kid agreements, paying utility agreements, you name it, we write it).
  • Lawyers are handling your case.  This is important because form companies are not lawyers, and they are not qualified to divide your life in half.

We are wrong for you if:

  • You want the least expensive divorce, no matter how long it takes, and regardless of what you lose in the divorce because of it (We can’t help you.  Our divorces are set prices because we know exactly what it will take to get you divorced properly).
  • You need to fight with your spouse.  We understand that some divorces cannot be gentle or friendly.  But, if you need to fight with your spouse about something, you need to get a referral to a great contested lawyer.