Child therapy during divorce

To be honest with you, as a mother and child custody lawyer, the idea of a child therapist used to really scare me.  I was worried my child could be manipulated by the therapist into saying private things about our family.

This article is a brief overview of my new found opinions about child therapists during divorce.

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What is the purpose of a child therapist?

Your divorce will transform your child’s life.  The purpose is to help your child process that transformation in the most positive way possible for your child’s mental health.

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How Long Will Your Child Attend a Child Therapist?

Your child will see a therapist for as long as the judge orders it, or for as long as you believe it is benefiting them. 

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Is the High Cost of Child Therapy Worth The Benefit of It?

Considering that the child therapy can provide the actual mental health tools your child needs to stay happy, successful and healthy in their life through your divorce, it may be the most important money you spend on this transition.

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Will the Child Therapist Become a Witness in My Divorce?

Yes, a child therapist can be called as a witness in a custody battle.  

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Can I Threaten to Take My Child to Therapy If They Do Not Behave?

Absolutely NEVER threaten therapy as a consequence to your child.  This can make your child shut down to the idea of therapy and then later in life when they need support, they may not be willing to utilize this important resource for their mental health.

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What Would Hurt My Case For My Child To Say At Therapy?

If your child is a victim of physical abuse, or suicidal, the therapist will need to report that.  If you are actively manipulating your child to lie about your spouse or to lie at therapy, this will harm your legal position in the case.  Refrain from saying negative things about your spouse to your child.

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Can I Be In the Room During the Therapy?

Most often you will check in with the therapist and update them on concerns regarding your child and then your child will talk to the therapist individually.

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What Good Things Can Happen From Therapy During Divorce?

This can be a place to set your child up for long term success through a very tramatic change. With 1/2 of America getting divorced, knowing how to process this change helps them and everyone around them.

is a child therapist required by law

Is a Child Therapist Required By Law?

A child therapist is only required by law if the Judge orders that you take your child to a therapist.  Otherwise, it is optional.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Most of the time, the therapy appointments, if not covered by your health insurance, will cost between $140 and $240 per session, and often the therapy is ordered to occur one time per week.

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What If The Therapist Learns Bad Things About Me As a Parent From My Child?

Keep in mind that no one is a perfect parent.  The purpose of a good therapist is not to learn bad things about you, but to give your child the mental health tools needed to get through adversity of any kind.

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What if My Child Does Not Like The Therapist?

It is absolutely vital that your child likes going to their therapy.  Therapy does not work as a form of punishment whatsoever.  Do not force a therapist on your child.  Change therapists if necessary to keep your child from closing down to the idea of therapy.

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How Can I Tell If The Therapist Is "Good?"

The therapist should spend a lot of time building repore with your child.  You should carefully interview the therapist about their plans to build repore and their feelings on the importance of repore.  Your child should like them a lot and look forward to going.  Do not totally rely on Google Reviews which can be misleading ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.

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How Can I Tell If My Child Is Doing Well With the Therapy or Divorce?

Your child should be safe to express positive and negative emotions.  Expressing emotions is a good thing, as they need to be processed.  Them wanting to go to therapy is a good sign that the therapy is helping them.  Remember that transitioning to a divorced family is a process that takes time.  If you are providing this support, you know you are doing the best that you can as a parent.