Example of A Hearing Case, Where the Child Support Was Ordered to Be Almost $2,000 per Month, When Dad Has Income of $42,000 Per Month.

In the San Antonio 2018 divorce case of Brent Mansfield and Stormie Mansfield (a case unrelated to the Cook & Cook Law Firm,) under current Cause 04-18-00551-CV, Brent (dad) was ordered to pay $1,500 per month in child support and $396 more per month in medical support.  Brent, according to his lawyer of record, makes $42,000 per year. 

Yet, Brent also receives a personal injury settlement check for about $6,000 per month for the length of his life.  It appears that the Court ordered the child support amount likely due to the personal injury structured settlement amount that Brent receives.  Yet, Brent had started receiving this check prior to marriage, and had a prenuptial agreement. 

This is an example of how child support orders are unpredictable when they are decided in hearings.  This child support amount matter has been appealed and is presently awaiting outcome.