Inforgraphic are text messages used in divorce cases
text messages in divorce

What You Typed To Your Spouse Is Not Private

I want you to think of all the times you said things to your spouse during the last several years via text message.  

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The Most Sensitive Parts of Your Text History Count

All of those text messages can become a part of evidence in your divorce case.  This includes even the naked pictures you might have sent to your spouse in what you thought was a private exchange.

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But How Can You Even Download Your Texts?

You may figure this could never happen because your phone will not even download your text history.  Think again!  There is a program called imazing which enables your text history to become a perfectly formated printable PDF book.

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Ugly Divorces Are Really Ugly

It is amazing with cell phones these days, how many ugly things can be shown about a couple in a contested litigious divorce.  Instead, be an adult. Compromise.  Part As Friends.  I know it is easier said than done.  We are here to help you navigate this part of your life.  We know how stressful this is.  The best thing is to have support. Give us a call.

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You Cannot Protect Your Text History During a Divorce

Your spouse has the right to serve you with what are called “production requests”, and have you send over to his/her lawyer a downloaded version of your entire text history.

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What About Whatsapp or Other Chat Apps? Am I Safe There?

Whatsapp and other forms of text messages aside from just the normal chat app are also downloaded in programs like imazing for court use.  

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What Can I Do To Protect My Private Text Messages in A Divorce?

The safest route is to make every text message something you are comfortable with the world reading.  If you are not comfortable with that, then do not put it in writing.  Your lawyer can object to disclosing the text messages as being harrassment or irrelevant to the divorce, but this is not a strong arguement in many cases.