3 Guiding Thoughts on Advising Friends About Their Divorce

Tip 1: An Affair Does Not Mean a Slam Dunk Divorce

When someone cheats, it feels like that means they should lose big in their divorce, especially to the person who was cheated on.  But the truth is, that the Judges in Texas are a bit numb on this topic.  Judges in Texas hear about cheating every day of their work, and it has lost much of its impact.  This means that when you are talking to your friend, do not advise them that they are going to win everything.

Tip 2: The Outcome In The Divorce Battle Is Unknown To The Lawyer

All Judges will see the case their own personal way, within the parameters of the law. This idea of the same subject being seen differently is in the video clip below. While your friend’s divorce story may seem locked down and in their favor, their spouse may flip it upside down.

Tip 3: Because Divorce Outcomes Are Unpredictable, They Are Best To Avoid

When talking to a friend, the temptation can be to ramp them up, and inspire your friend to fight hard in the divorce.  How many times in life, do you put your time with your children, all of your money and all of your stuff in a stranger’s hands to divide up for you?  Never.  You never do that because it would be such a risk.  And, a divorce hearing is exactly that, a risk.  Don’t inspire your friend to roll the dice on their entire life set up.  Instead, inspire them to proceed with caution.