Kelly divided her assets and custody 50/50, and parted ways with her husband as friends…

Our lawyers can divorce you in 60 days, as friends, online.


 This particular Decree by The Part As Friends Company keeps the parents living locally to each parent.  This helps the children see both parents on a regular basis.

In their divorce decree, they had a geographic restriction to their area of Texas.

 Many parents are realizing that what is written in divorce papers impacts a child’s entire life. Do not sign off on a regular old divorce. Part As Friends.

The Part As Friends Company wants to provide you with the most progressive, helpful parenting divorce decree.

In a typical divorce, some parents go a long time without talking to their child, but Kelly & David agreed to daily video chats in their Decree, which helped their child feel more secure.

Your divorce decree can order electronic communication in multiple forms, to help ensure ongoing communication between parent and child.


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Use the Part As Friends Kelly Decree to see the progressive options really available for children.

Regular DIY divorce form places will not show you the options that are out there.

There is never a better time to negotiate your future than BEFORE you sign your papers.



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