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The Cook & Cook Law Firm serves your friendly customized divorce case online, anywhere in Texas. If you and your spouse can “part as friends”, your case will be less stressful, less expensive, and more online.

Megan Cook, Managing Partner of the Cook & Cook Law Firm.

The Cook & Cook Law Firm serves your friendly customized divorce case online, anywhere in Texas. 

If you and your spouse can “part as friends”, your case will be less stressful, less expensive, and more online.

Megan Cook, Managing Partner of the Cook & Cook Law Firm.

Our Services

  • Uncontested Divorce (Top Selling Service)*
  • Complex Estate Agreed Divorce*
  • Online Divorce Mediation
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Postnuptial (after marriage) Agreements to divide property
  • Agreed Military Divorce*
  • Agreed International Divorce*
  • Uncontested Same-Sex Divorce*
  • Agreed Custody Plans
  • Online Settlement Meetings Between Spouses.
  • Uncontested Name Changes*
  • Agreed Family Real Estate Transfers
  • Missing Spouse Divorce (Default Judgements)
  • Pension & 401K Divorce Divisions
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Contested Divorce Litigation After Attempt to Have Friendly Divorce
  • Divorce Finalizations For People That Already Started The Case On Their Own

*Some Texas courts will require a 5 minute in-person hearing.  If your case requires it, certainly we will coordinate the hearing and meet you in person to finalize the case.  Other than this step, the rest of the case is done online and telephonically. 

What If I Do Not Know Whether My Spouse Will Agree?  (Click For Answer)


What is the “PART AS FRIENDS” Divorce?

The part as friends divorce is the top selling divorce service at the Cook & Cook Law Firm.  Our goal is to lead you through your amicable divorce. It is a convenient divorce that we offer throughout all of Texas, and it is processed almost entirely online by your Cook & Cook Lawyer.  The divorce service is perfect for friendly divorce cases involving large or small amounts of property, and regardless of the complexity of your parenting plan needs.

One of the Best Aspects of Our Divorce Service is How Customized It Is, To Ensure We Meet Your Family’s Needs

All families are different, which is why our lawyers will absolutely tailor your divorce forms and language to meet your individual needs. Whether we are dividing your family business, planning custody or doing a military pension division, we understand how vital the details are in the long run.  Getting the language right in your documents is everything in a divorce.  No matter how friendly the case, you need divorce papers that are enforceable for the long haul.

Your Convenient Online Process

Most law firms are behind the times with technology and require in person meetings to talk to you.  We are processing these cases online because our clients want service, online.

  • Step 1: Order our services on the phone (888) 646-5808, through email [email protected] or online.
  • Step 2: Go through our list of settlement questions via email.  Type in your answers and submit them back to us.
  • Step 3: Based on your answers, your family lawyer drafts all your divorce forms.  We revise them as much as you want.  Once, you are ready and sure you have an agreed divorce, we file your case.
  • Step 4: Your lawyer then processes and coordinates the rest of your divorce on the telephone, and then we attend your final hearing to get your divorce granted.

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Checklist for Eligibility of Your Case:

1. Do both you and your spouse agree to be divorced? (Answer must be yes. If you are not sure, click here for your options).

2. Can you and your spouse sign off on our divorce papers as how to divide assets, debts and how to share in raising your children (if applicable)? (Answer must be yes.  If you are not sure on your options for agreement, click here).

3.  Is either spouse pregnant or in a pending bankruptcy proceeding? (Answer must be no.  If the answer is yes, click here for your options).

4.  Have either you or your spouse lived in your particular county of Texas for the last 6 months (Answer must be yes.  questions on this? click here). More questions? Email [email protected]

5.  Has your spouse hired a lawyer that has served you with papers or has filed documents in your divorce case? (Answer must be no.  If you have been served with divorce papers, you have a contested divorce and the part as friends divorce service will not work for you at this time).

Ready to start your case? (888) 646-5808. This number calls several of our lawyers simultaneously to help get you to a lawyer faster.  Or email [email protected].  Or, just order our services online here.

Give Your Child the Right to Call You.

“Neither parent shall deny the child reasonable use of the telephone to place and receive calls with the other parent and relatives” as per the Children’s Bill of Rights.

 child custody

Prevent Your Child From Hearing Derogatory Remarks About Mom or Dad

Neither parent shall speak or write derogatory remarks about the other parent to the child, or engage in abusive, coarse or foul language, which can be overheard by the child whether or not the language involves the other parent.” as per the Children’s Bill of Rights.

 ex talking about you to child after divorce

Give Your Child the Right to Display Your Memories.

Each parent will permit the child to display photographs of the other parent or both parents in the child’s room” as per the Children’s Bill of Rights.


Keep Judgements About You Out of Your Child's Ears.

co-parenting texas divorce lawyerNeither parent shall communicate moral judgments about the other parent to the child concerning the other parent’s choice of values, lifestyle, choice of friends, successes or failures in life (career, financial, relational) or residential choice” as per the Children’s Bill of Rights.


Prevent Your Ex From Interrogating Your Child About Your Visit.

Neither parent will interrogate the child about the other parent nor will either parent discourage comments by the child about the other parent.” as per the Children’s Bill of Rights.


 Pricing (We Know You’re Busy) 

I Have Seen Cheaper Prices For Divorce, Why So Much? 

When you shop divorce price, hardly any law firms list their prices.  The cheap prices you are seeing are for DIY (“Do It Yourself”) services.  Although it may not be apparent to the divorce shopper, these types of services do not include a lawyer, and you are in charge of handling your divorce hearing and liability of your divorce papers.  We too offer DIY divorce, and only recommend it for people without any property, debts or children.

I Have Seen Higher Prices For Divorce, Why So Little?

Most divorce lawyer services start at $2,500+ and are billed by the hour.  Traditional Retainer prices (what you are given by almost all law firms) are set up to cover the unknown.  Your lawyer does not know how many hours he or she will be handling your divorce.  Our prices are set up for our predictable unique online divorce process that helps you and your spouse part as friends.  While a friendly divorce is our goal and our philsophy, we cannot control whether your case is friendly.  If you have a divorce battle ahead, our price will not cover you.  Our price is set up to reward your friendly approach to ending things.

Attorney Megan Cook is lead counsel to all uncontested divorces at this firm.  She can be reached at [email protected]

More About the $1,500+ Part as Friends (not fighting) Divorce

Our goal is to provide a gentle, friendly and convenient divorce. Except for the final hearing, all of your divorce takes place online.   You are also welcome to come to our office.

The process we offer for this divorce is listed here. We simply send you an email where you can hire us, or you can hire us by checking your price, then filing on our website. We handle the rest of your divorce. We send you questions via email that you answer. We coordinate, file and process the divorce. You approve of the forms, and we set up your final hearing and get you divorced.

The prices of this divorce are fixed fee. This means that rather than paying the lawyers by the hour, there are set rates for all pieces of the case.

Add-on and Optional Fees

The $1,500 covers a basic divorce without kids. This includes the filing fee. With kids, the fee is $2,000. The $1,500 covers our division of one house (including real estate deeds if required), and real estate provisions for refinancing. The $1,500 covers car divisions, lien divisions, allocations of credit card debts, and basically all that a small to medium estate divorce case requires.

Because we are equipped to handle any type of divorce estate, no matter how complex, we have also set prices for various additional divisions that you may wish for us to draft. The prices are based on how long it takes us to write the closing documents for these parts of the divorce.

The Part as Friends divorce requires that both people are willing to sign the papers and agree on terms.   And, when that is the case, only one spouse (our client) attends the final hearing. The other spouse will sign papers before the hearing and does not need to go.

Please read about certain optional additional charges that can apply to your divorce here.

More About the $525 DIY Divorce Package

When you search uncontested divorce, or online divorce there are cheap divorce form companies offering non-lawyer divorce services.  In exchange for a small fee, you receive forms that you can then file and process yourself to get a divorce.  The companies offering these services fail to highlight some of the extensive shortcomings of DIY divorce.  So, to provide a more honest option, we too offer the DIY divorce, while also highlighting the issues you may run into when you handle your divorce without a lawyer.

We only want you to do a DIY divorce if there is nothing to protect in your estate. Otherwise, you need protection, whether other companies will tell you that or not.

Just as with the other DIY divorce form companies on the web, we guarantee that the court will “accept” our $525 divorce forms.  However, because your proper divorce is our utmost concern, we want you to understand that court approval of forms is not the only thing of importance when it comes to divorce forms.  The Court only checks your documents for proper “form”, meaning the necessary styling and statements are included to accept the divorce. The Court most often does not check your documents for substance, meaning when they grant your divorce, the judge has no idea whether you got what you bargained for in the divorce as relating to your children, debts or assets.

Nonetheless, you are stuck with the documents that were signed in the case.

So, the only time that it is a good idea to do a DIY divorce is when there are no assets or debts, and when the parties only need standard custody and standard child support. Any deviations from that calls for changes in document substance, which needs to be handled by an attorney.

Some DIY form companies will not tell you this, and they will offer to include your assets and debts, but they will not guarantee that they have drafted those portions properly. That is because they aren’t lawyers and they have no idea whether you have properly received your property. 

In addition, non-lawyer divorce form companies word their advertisements to sound like your divorce is done all online in minutes. That is not true. Your forms may be ready “in minutes”, but your divorce needs to be processed. And you are the one in charge of processing the forms. You receive instructions on how to do this, but no one processes the divorce online. The divorce is processed in person, in Texas, including the vital step that you must attend a hearing at the end to be divorced.

DIY divorce is not for people that have any assets, any debts (whether separate or combined), and for people who need custom provisions relating to co-parenting and custody.

As a lawyer, I feel a particular obligation to ensure that you know these risks, and if you understand them entirely and would like to go the DIY route, you can order that service here.

And, the good thing about doing this DIY service here, is that if this option doesn’t work and you end up wanting a lawyer, we can change your service to a lawyer run divorce package offered below. Also as you do your DIY divorce, you can hire our lawyers on an hour by hour basis ($300 per hour) to assist you.  To get started, email [email protected]

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