Over 425 Texas Families Have Recently Entrusted Us With Their Divorce.

Just about every day, our Law Firm finalizes divorces for couples who are not saying good-bye as enemies.  Some of them are going to continue to raise their children as friends.  Some couples do not see the point in fighting over their estate for over a year, just to pay a lawyer.  Divorce is always difficult.  But, our Firm is uniquely designed to serve couples who need the protection of a lawyer, without the hassle of a fight.

We Do Not Try to Ignite a Fight in Your Case to Make More Money.  Our Goal is to Keep it Friendly.

Cost Comparison (Estimate)

  • Average Cost of Divorce Here: $1,500-$2,000
  • Average Cost of Divorce in Texas: $3,500-$10,000

Length of Divorce (Esimate)

  • Average Length of Divorce Here: 61 days
  • Average Length of Divorces in Texas: 640 days (8+ months)

We Can Help You Obtain 50/50 Custody.

We advocate that both parents spend as much time with the children as possible.  Call Today to learn more about how we can assist you with your individual custody schedule that best suits your family.

50/50 custody texas

What Our Clients Are Saying

After we found a way to save her $350 on her divorce:

“Oh wow!!!!!! That is wonderful news! You guys are awesome!” – S.E. on 09/15/2016

Email from the day we finished her divorce:

“I want to thank you guys so much for your professionalism via the email communications. Also for Justin’s professionalism in person. I was very pleased with the services and I have already recommended you guys to others in need. You are quick and straight to the point about fees and ect. I wanted to know the price and you broke it down to be affordable and I thank you for that.” -Client on 10/4/16

Verified Client on Better Business Bureau:

“Megan Cook is outstanding. I was uneasy about finding a lawyer. I was so afraid I’d choose someone who didn’t understand my situation. Megan listened and was so understanding. Her prompt responses to emails and telephone calls amazed me. Thanks to Megan I understood the process and all avaliable options. Her expertise helped me make informed decisions. She is a truly amazing lawyer. Thanks Megan.” -V.M 8/6/2016

We Offer Our Divorce Services In Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Dallas

We Serve Dallas and Contiguous Counties

We Serve Bexar and Contiguous Counties

We Serve Houston and Contiguous Counties


How to Assign Mortgage in Divorce Decree

If you are writing a decree of divorce, either as a lawyer, or a pro se person, you want to be sure to assign any mortgages of the community estate properly. It would not work if in your decree of divorce you simply write: "Wife is to pay the mortgage with Wells...

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Same Sex Marriage and Property in Texas

At first, same-sex marriage did not seem to impact our Firm's divorces. When same-sex marriage became legal, then it seemed obvious to me that all of the divorce laws we had been using for years regarding heterosexual couples would simply now apply to same-sex...

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Service of Process

You cannot get a divorce, unless your spouse has been “served” with notice. The purpose of serving someone with papers is to let them know that there is a lawsuit (ie a divorce) pending against them. The law does not want people to be able to sue other people, without...

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