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Maybe your case is not a friendly case.  We might have some ideas for you that could get you on a better track.  Our telephone consultations are  free, so why not?

Our telephone consultations are  free, so why not?


On January  2, 2020 Cook & Cook represented a father in a case where mother was seeking to move the children long distance…

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I’m Not Sure Whether We Can Agree.

You may not realize how much the legal service style you select is going to impact you.   When you are not sure whether you will agree, you can still start the divorce off as uncontested.

Helping couples try to “part as friends” is the Cook & Cook Law Firm’s unique take on divorce.  But, truly some rare couples fit perfectly into this type of divorce.

They are not going to stay married, but they are not enemies.  The have assets or children or both and so yes the papers must be drafted professionally to ensure stability into the future.  Yet, they do not need a battle right now.

Part as Friends clients love that all of the divorce steps, except for the final court date, are done conveniently with their lawyer, online at


You Need To Ensure Your Divorce Papers At Least Say Enforceably What You Kept And What They Kept.

Many people want to wash their hands of the marriage by just letting him or her keep it all.  We understand, but we need to make sure it’s written properly so that you at least legally receive title to what you both verbally agreed to.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer When You Agree?

We will counsel you entirely on what you need in your documents, and handle them for you.  For example, we can provide divorce liability releases in the face of joint car liens.  No one wants unexpected liability from their ex-spouse.  There is a night and day difference between a free template divorce and a divorce that covers you properly.

We Have Expertise In Real Estate, Investment and Vehicle Division Drafting.

Your House Title Will be Impacted By Your Divorce Papers.  Allow us to handle it all.

You really have enough on your plate when you are getting divorced.  You need to get a physical.  You need to get your utilities transferred often.  There is a long list of things to do.  This process is permanent, and you owe it to the next chapter of life, to have it done right.

Co-Parenting & Custody.

You are not going to be married anymore but you are still in the business of raising your kids if you have them.  There is no better approach than to try it out as friends.  You know what’s best for your kids, way better than anyone else. We are here to help you get your friendly, yet proper and professional divorce completed. 

Life’s Next Page Is About 61 Days Away.

A huge benefit of parting as friends is that the divorce is so much faster than battling it out in court.  61 days is the average timeline you are looking at until it’s over, if you file here today.

BVS Fillable Form For Suits Affecting Parent Child Relationship

The BVS form is typically required in all family cases that involve children throughout the State of Texas.  Bexar County is actually among one of the only counties that does not require the BVS form to be filed during a case. To obtain a copy of the fillable BVS...

Annulment Law in Texas

Texas Marriage Annulment: Does Divorce Law Provide for Legal Separation  In Texas, a marriage ends through divorce, death, or annulment. When a marriage is annulled, it is declared "void." Annulment in Texas is different from divorce. While a divorce ends a legal...

Child Support Chart for Children Not Before the Court

Multiple Family Adjusted Gross Table in 2020 If you are looking to figure out the percentage of net pay you are supposed to give in child support if you have some children with your current spouse AND other children that you pay child support for from a previous...

Money Judgment Template Language

Template Language for a money judgment to be written into a decree:  Consult a lawyer before using this provision please: IT   IS   ORDERED   AND   DECREED that Husband shall pay to Wife at 123 Tennis Street, Victoria, Texas, the sum of One Hundred Thousand and no/l00...

Stopping a Parent From Moving Child Long Distance During Divorce

On January 2, 2020, Attorney Justin Cook prevailed in preventing a parent from moving her 5 children away, long distance during a divorce case. The mother of five children had filed a motion for temporary orders with hopes to move the children out of San Antonio.  ...

How to Win a Motion For New Trial After a Default Judgment Is Taken

What do you do if you find out that a Default Judgment has been entered against you in your family law case? The following article will teach you how to attack the Default Judgment by filing a motion for new trial. Time Lines A document called a "motion for new trial"...

Termination of Parental Rights – How One Parent Lost Custody Permanently

Okay so talking about the scenario where a parent could actually lose their parental rights to their only child. Here is an example case that happened in 2018, but the ultimate decision was rendered in 2019. This is exactly what you see when there's the state of Texas...

What People Most Google on Divorce

Now we looked using a refs and some of the best tools available. What are people most searching regarding the topic of divorce today, and the results were surprising.The number one thing that people would search for was how to get one or how to start one. It was...

Finishing a Divorce Quickly That You Started Without a Lawyer

In this post, I am going to show you EXACTLY how to finish your divorce case that you started without a lawyer.  We have helped hundreds of people through the process of finishing a divorce that they started without having an attorney. So if you want to save yourself...

Default Judgment Divorces

Default Divorce Cases in Texas (Getting Divorced When Your Spouse Will Not Participate In the Process) Click through this unique digital 3 minute course (free, no login required) on how default judgement divorces work in Texas...   Or simply watch the YouTube...

What Locations Can I Do The Part as Friends Divorce in?

Throughout the State of Texas.

We handle your entire friendly divorce matter anywhere in Texas.  Remember, your entire case is handled online by your Lawyer.  A skilled part as friends lawyer will meet you at your final court day, and handle your hearing, wherever you are, at no extra charge to you.

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Are You Eligible For a Fixed Fee Part as Friends Type Divorce?

1. Do both you and your spouse agree to be divorced? (Answer must be yesIf you are not sure, click here for your options).

2. Can you and your spouse sign off on our divorce papers as how to divide assets, debts and how to share in raising your children (if applicable)? (Answer must be yes.  If you are not sure on your options for agreement, click here).

3.  Is either spouse pregnant or in a pending bankruptcy proceeding? (Answer must be no.  If the answer is yes, click here for your options).

4.  Have either you or your spouse lived in your particular county of Texas for the last 6 months (Answer must be yes.  questions on this? click here). More questions? Email [email protected]

5.  Has your spouse hired a lawyer that has served you with papers or has filed documents in your divorce case? (Answer must be no.  If you have been served with divorce papers, you have a contested divorce and the part as friends divorce service will not work for you at this time).

Ready to start your case? (210) 686-7622. This number calls several of our lawyers simultaneously to help get you to a lawyer faster.  Or email [email protected].  Or, just order our lawyer divorce service online here. 

Please keep in mind that we can only represent one party in a divorce case.  As this is the case, we encourage you to have your spouse utilize a review only attorney to assist your spouse with legal questions.  

Our Divorce Service Ratings Are Outstanding.

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Keep in mind that divorce is often the most difficult time in a person’s life.  For this reason, receiving positive reviews for this service is not as easy as getting reviews on something like a massage therapy session.  Our legal team works very hard to support you during your case by answering your questions and making customized changes to your process as needed. To read these reviews on Google, please click here.

To read these reviews on Google, please click here.