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We Can Handle Your Divorce From Overseas, In Texas

Our Firm has been helping people get divorced all over the world for years.  If you are a TEXAS resident but you are stationed elsewhere to conduct your public service, then you are permitted to be divorced here in Texas, even if you are not physically located here....

Separate and Community Property in Texas

The reason it matters, is because separate property is not divided by the Judge in the divorce case.  Separate property stays with the owner. The property owned by a spouse before a marriage is separate.  The Property inherited or received by gift is separate. ...

Finding Cruel Treatment in Divorce Cases

Here are 3 times when a court in Texas recently found cruel treatment had occurred and awarded one spouse more money than the other in the divorce outcome:The Court found cruel treatment in the Texas case of Orzechowski in 2021 where husband was calling wife demeaning...

Telephone Access To Your Child During Your Divorce

Experienced family law lawyers may tell you that if you and your spouse are separated and in the middle of divorce that fighting about telephone access is often the first major battle that occurs between parents. This is because, one parent may feel insecure about...

Are Text Messages Used In Divorce Cases?

I want you to think of all the times you said things to your spouse during the last several years via text message.  All of those text messages can become a part of evidence in your divorce case.  This includes even the naked pictures you might have sent to your...

Child Therapists During Divorce (Yes or No?)

To be honest with you, as a mother and child custody lawyer, the idea of a child therapist used to really scare me.  I was worried my child could be manipulated by the therapist into saying private things about our family.This article is a brief overview of my new...